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Connecting a water pump to a faucet on the outside

If you have a tiny garden, watering it with an outside tap is typically possible. When a longer hose is required or numerous sprinklers are to be utilized at the same time, the amount of water and pressure is frequently insufficient. You might question if, in such a scenario, a water pump – such as a garden pump or a booster pump – could be connected to an outside tap to raise the pressure.

It is not possible, hence the answer is no. The following are the reasons why this is not possible or permissible:

  1. The water supply from an exterior tap is frequently insufficient for a pump to function properly.
  2. If a water pump is attached to an outside tap, it will pull a lot of water and pressure from the water pipe in front of the outside tap. When the pump is turned on, the inside taps – such as those in the kitchen or the shower – will offer very little water and pressure;

However, there are two ways to boost your sprinklers’ pressure and capacity.

Put a pressure booster in place.

Pumps are permitted to be installed in between existing water lines. They should, however, not be linked to the outside tap, but rather located near the water meter (where the water pipes enter the house). An added benefit is that you will have higher pressure throughout the house if necessary.

In this scenario, we recommend the DAB Easybox Mini 3, a pump that can be used in any home and offers enough pressure and water for your irrigation system. This pressure booster is quiet (about 45 dB) and speed-controlled, which means it can regulate itself based on water demand. If you set the pressure to 2 bar, for example, the pump will not have to work as hard to deliver water to the indoor taps, but it will also sustain them when the irrigation system is turned on. The indoor taps will still give the same amount of pressure in this instance.

Make use of natural water.

If your garden is close to a ditch, a river, or a lake, you can use the water to irrigate it with a garden pump. If there isn’t a natural source nearby, you might want to consider digging/drilling a groundwater source/well on your property. This source’s groundwater can be used to irrigate your garden, and a garden pump can be used if the water is not deeper than eight meters. A borehole pump can be used if the water is located at a deeper level.

Please use our pump configurator to find the pump that is best suited to your needs. Enter information about your circumstances, and the configurator will recommend the best pumps for you.

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